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Bowland Food Hall

Bowland food Hall is a wonderful showcase of the finest, the tastiest, and the healthiest food and drink from producers, farmers and growers from Bowland, from Lancashire and beyond.

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The Food Hall is part farm shop, part deli, part juice bar and part health food shop. It is also a tasting parlour, a coffee shop, a wine bar and restaurant!

However you choose to describe it the Food Hall is about quality and provenance…if we are what we eat, and more and more people are telling us every day, then we must eat well. The best, the cleanest, the freshest, the least mucked about with…that’s what the Food Hall is all about.

We stock everything you can think of…and lots of things you’ve perhaps never heard of, brought together and displayed with passion and flair to create a feast for all the senses. This really is shopping as it should be!

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Greenacre St

01200 407120